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WOLWERKEN acoustic panels,



Collective project of Noortje de Brouwer and Mieke van den Hout,


In 2014 we started this project in collaboration with local sheep flock

‘t Niejboer in Warnsveld. Their sheep grow lots of wool, a beautiful material that is too little for the big wool industry. Therefore they have to pay for the removel of the wool after they shaved their sheep. This is a big waste so 't Niejboer initiated this project with the students of Product Design from ArtEZ Arnhem.


Experiments with the wool led to a technique to make wallpieces in various form and sizes. Wool has a quality to absorb sound and is fire retardant so the idea to develope acoustic wallobjects was a natural step. The project developed a year later when we where asked to make two pieces for De Kleine Campus in Arnhem.




Growing Textiles - Wolwerken - Acoustic Panel - Kleine Campus Arnhem

Wolwerken #001 at De Kleine Campus - photo Rolf Hensel

We work on request with various colours and sizes regarding the space.

Please feel free to contact us about your wishes.


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Wolwerken also comes in a ready made collection in set sizes and a range of colours to choose from.

Functional and unique handmade sollutions for offices, cafés and so on.


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Impressions of Wolwerken.

Growing Textiles - Wolwerken - Kleine Campus Arnhem


Growing Textiles - Wolwerken Acoustic Panel


Growing Textiles - Wolwerken - Acoustic Panel

#009 - backside

Growing Textiles - Wolwerken - Acoustic Panel


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